Do you wake up every night at the same time? Your body sends you a message….🙋‍♀️

 When you wake up at a specific time every night, it would not be a classic insomnia or a coincidence, according to Chinese medicine.

 Traditional Chinese medicine explains this phenomenon in a very simple way: a day lasts 24 hours and it gives 2 hours out of these 24 hours to a specific organ. The organ in question is working at full capacity during these 2 hours.
Thus, depending on the time of night when you wake up, the associated organ indicates a malfunction or problem.

🌗 Read on to decipher the message behind your night awakenings…. 🌒

biological clock with waking hours in connection with different organs generating insomnia

 Difficulty falling asleep between 9pm and 11pm: The Triple Warm-up

You’re probably stressed and worried about something. To help you fall asleep, try to have positive thoughts, meditate or do relaxation exercises.

 Wake up between 11pm and 1am: The gallbladder

The gallbladder produces a fluid (bile) important for digestion and absorption of food. This fluid is extremely important for the body, so if you wake up at that time, something is irritating your gallbladder.

👉 Traditional Chinese medicine associates gallbladder disease with emotional outbursts and resentment, so it can mean that something is annoying or making you very anxious.
👉 It can also be a sign that you are consuming too much unhealthy fat or oil. 🍤

💗 To get back to a good night’s sleep, accept yourself, make a difference and forgive others.

 Wake up between 1h and 3h: The liver

This is when our body purifies itself of all the toxins absorbed during the day.

👉 The physical cause of waking up during this period of the night may be due to excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee or rich meals.🥂
👉However, your body may simply be telling you that you are emotionally disturbed by alerting you to the urgency of eliminating these toxins from the mind to regain morale (irritability, impatience, inability to act, questioning, non-acceptance of your image). Indeed, the liver, the organ of anger, represents our self-awareness.

🥛Drink fresh water and try to manage the situation that made you angry to sleep peacefully.

 Between 3am and 5am: The lungs

In the middle of the night, it is the lungs that are activated. If you happen to wake up at that time, it can be related to several things:

👉 Quite simply a concern for breathing, a problem of oxygenation of the body.
👉  It can also symbolize a psychological weight: a concern, or problem that bothers you that becomes physically oppressive and wakes you up in the middle of the night.
Indeed, the meridian circulating in the lungs reflects sadness (melancholy, disenchantment, questioning of values, suffocating situation). It is therefore the respiratory functions that are affected.
From a psychological point of view, it is the limits we have set that may not be respected or even exceeded.

Since it is at these times that our lungs are being repaired and filling our bodies with oxygen, make sure you are warm enough to facilitate body functions. 🔃
🌬 To go back to sleep, breathe deeply and gently and have faith in yourself.

  Between 5am and 7am: Large intestines

Waking up at dawn often means a digestive problem.

👉 As you are completing the elimination of the last toxins from your body, your awakening may mean that you have had a diet that is too rich or too poor.🍴
👉 Large intestines are associated with emotional blockages. This organ that allows the elimination of toxins represents the power to let go of the past. So it may mean that you haven’t solved all your problems yet and you’re clinging to something you should let go. 🔚

🙆Stretch your muscles or go to the bathroom to get back to sleep more easily.

Have a nice day, dear Yogis.🙏

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