In spring Kapha is aggravated and the Pitta dosha begins to accumulate before getting worse in summer. With increasing temperature and humidity Kapha liquefies and tends to reduce digestive fire. It is therefore possible to feel heavy, to have digestive, pulmonary problems, to feel depressed, lethargic, to gain weight.
Here are some Ayurvedic and yogic tips to help your body during this season:

The best anti Kapha tips in spring

  • Wake up 7am/7.30am
  • Drink 1 lemon, ginger, honey tea (optional) when you wake up
  • Eat breakfast only if you are hungry and eat your biggest meal at lunchtime
  • Choose flavours: bitter, astringent and spicy – Beware of spiciness so as not to aggravate pitta
  • Increase your physical activity to help drain kapha
  • Eat cooked, hot, light and a little spicy. No fruit during meals.
  • Eat a little earlier in the evening and lighter (around 7pm, 3 hours before bedtime at least)
  • Avoid cheese, meat, salt, heavy foods in general
  • Drink warm water – avoid drinking during meals
  • Avoid naps and snacking (eat an apple if you have a craving)
  • Bedtime 10pm/10.30pm

Herbal Tea: Ginger decoction, lemon and honey optional

Ginger Herbal Tea
Ayurvedic herbal tea for spring

Cereals and vegetables: quinoa, barley, millet, endives, cabbage, spinach, asparagus, radishes

The Plants in spring in Ayurveda

  • Triphala: to promote digestion and limit constipation
  • Trikatu: to improve digestive fire and detoxify the body

Spices in spring in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, it is recommended to use, in Spring, digestive, warming and stimulating spices: cinnamon, cumin seeds, mustard and fennel, dry ginger, cardamom, black pepper.

Body care to be used in spring in Ayurveda

  • Udvartanam : Detoxifying slimming massage
  • Marmathérapie: Massage + acupressure points to improve digestion and revitalize the body

Pranayama and Yoga in spring

  • Surya to increase digestive power and warm the body – 11 cycles 3 times a day.
  • Sun Salutation in the morning.
yoga posture Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
  • Anti-kapha postures: viparita virabradhasna (warrior posture in the sun), ushtrasana (camel posture).
  • Digestion postures: pada hastasana (hand to foot posture), vajrasana (diamond posture).

Written by Chloé & Sarah from We do Yoga for Yogadvisor 🙏

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