In order to create a card, you must first have created a professional account (see FAQ Create a professional account).

Once your account is created, you must be logged in.

  1. Go to « Add a card »Yogadvisor Add a card

    Note: you are the only one to see this menu displaying your first name.

  2. Subscribe to the yearly package that suits you best then click on “Next”. (see FAQ on packages). Plénitude package is currently free with illimited publication until 2020 🙂
    If you already have an active package, go to “Your packages:” select it and click on “Next”.
  3. Choose which type of card you want to create (“class” or “workshop or retreat”) then fill in all the fields, the more precise you are, the more your profile will be of high quality and appreciated.
  4. When the preview suits you, Click on “Confirm”.
    To save a card in progress, click on “Preview”. Your information will be automatically registered and will appear when you click on “add a card” and select a package.
  5. Valid from 2020: Complete the fields for billing and choose your payment method. You can pay by credit card, using a Paypal account or by bank transfer.
  6. Your card is created, you can view it, edit it, and see the number of visitors who looked at it.

Tips 1 : You can copy an existing card:

Yogadvisor - My cards

Tips 2 :  Make sure you always have an active card to facilitate access to your “professional page” which contains the members’ reviews.