«There can be no deep joy in turmoil.» (Frédéric Lenoir)

Less work, less consumption, but BETTER LIVING:

This is the salutary movement that is beginning all over the world. What about if Slow Life made us save time?

The Slow movement was initiated in the 1980s in response to global acceleration. It invites you to slow down gently to enjoy the simple moments and take the time to live. It is a true philosophy of life that consists in living in consciousness, well anchored in the present. 🍃Slow life is based on the fundamental values of authenticity, respect, love, sharing and nature.🍃

Slow now extends to all areas : we talk about Slow tourism (local travel, ecotourism), Slow management (adapted work methods, quality of life at work), Slow cosmetics (natural products, homemade recipes), Slow food (quality food, simple and sustainable), Slow school (“nature” workshops, playful and positive notation), Slow sex (knowing your body, new pleasure) and the list is not exhaustive!

💭Slow life in 9 principles💭:

  1. Slow down the pace,
  2. Returnto simplicity,
  3. Eat good and healthy food,
  4. Take time for yourself (listen to your body, get to know yourself better),
  5. Give time to others (enjoy with family, create social ties, participate in the life of your community…),
  6. Connect (re)connect to nature (put your hands in the ground, integrate eco-responsible actions, do outdoor activities…),
  7. Awaken your senses,
  8. Develop your creativity,
  9. Enjoy the present.

Yogadvisor suggests 2 ideas for Slow life rituals:


Observe your breathing for a few moments, without forcing it. Breathe in quietly through your nose, in a fluid way without blocking your breathing, then exhale through your nose.
Take the time to see your chest swell and then your belly when you inhale and to see the phenomenon reproduce in the opposite direction when you exhale: the belly deflates before the chest.
The best way to do this exercise is to lie down with your eyes closed, if possible in the open air.

This exercise is excellent for relieving stress, connecting to emotions and regaining energy.

🧘‍♀️ YOGA RITUAL (30-45 min.)🧘‍♂️

Yoga is a remarkable tool to help manage stress. It teaches you to let go, to accept your limits and to listen to your feelings.
Once you have found the type of yoga or yoga class that suits you best, a mat and comfortable clothes will be enough to get you on the path to fullness. 💆‍♂️

💡 If you have other ideas for Slow life rituals, I invite you to share them in the comments 🙂

Happy Slow day !🙏

Written by Léa Cassagnavère

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