Do you practice Feng Shui, this ancestral art of Chinese origin which aims to harmonize the environmental energy (qi) of a place in order to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of its occupants

Feng Shui in practice


According to this science, each area of your home reflects a specific aspect: career, education, health & family, money, fame, love, luck, children & projects.

Each of these aspects is associated with a specific shape, color, element.
By arranging rooms in this way, living rooms allow energy to flow freely throughout the home.

This energy allows people to find the right balance and improve certain aspects of their lives. This Chinese art would even have virtues on health. 👌

In this way, by Feng Shui, you will be able to positively influence the 8 aspirations of existence.


Divide your habitat with Pa Kua

Do you want to try the experiment? 🙂 The Pa Kua (octagon below) divides the habitat into sectors corresponding to each cardinal point.
Lay it on the plan of your house in the same direction, after determining the NORTH with a compass, you only have to make your decoration and arrangement according to🤗

It is essential to properly manage our environment to preserve our inner harmony. 😉


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